Post-Hernia Surgery Pain

Post-Hernia Surgery Pain

There are over 400,000 inguinal hernia repairs performed every year in the United States alone. Approximately 10% of these patients will have some form of chronic groin pain after this surgery. The medical term for this pain is called inguinodynia.

Sensory nerves in the area of the groin can be injured or irritated during surgery. The Ilio-Inguinal, Ilio-Hypogastric, and Genitofemoral nerves are the nerves at risk. The Femoral nerve, a mixed motor and sensory nerve, can also be involved, but this is much less common. Sometimes, the Lateral femoral nerve can be involved as well.

Surgery focuses on resection of damaged nerves, a technique called segmental denervation. This particular procedure is known as groin denervation. In addition, Nerve decompression may be utilized for relief of the lateral femoral nerve.

Surgeons at Neuropax Clinic can perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for a surgical procedure that can alleviate your pain and restore peace to your life.

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