Post-Trauma Chronic Pain

Our Procedures

Here at Neuropax, a comprehensive evaluation will allow us to determine what can be done for your post-traumatic pain. You may need segmental denervation, joint denervation, nerve decompression, or a combination of these treatments.

Post-Trauma Chronic Pain

Persistent chronic pain after a traumatic injury is not uncommon. Initial phases of treatment are focused on repair of fractures, closure of soft tissue defects, and/or immobilization. Pain that does not resolve is many times inappropriately classified as “RSD” (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) or a newer term CRPS I (chronic regional pain syndrome).

Most patients with chronic pain after trauma (excluding spine trauma) have what is called causalgia or CRPS II. These conditions indicate that the pain is from a nerve injury. This could be a direct injury to the nerve or nerve compression from the contraction of the surrounding traumatized tissues.

No trauma is too small to cause a chronic pain syndrome. There are nerves all over the body and any of these can be injured by various types of trauma. (crushing, penetrating, fractures, traction, sprains, etc. )