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 Dear Dr. Hagan and Staff,

I can't begin to express how grateful I am for all that you have done for me! You have not only given me my marriage and career back, you gave me my life back! This past year was a nightmare for me and I thought I had lost everything. Including myself until I found such caring doctors and nurses in your office.  For that, I will always be blessed!


P.S. Enjoy the candy:)



 Dear Dr. Hagan,

It is a year ago today that you did surgery on my left hand.  My hand is 100% functional and completely pain-free.I am so extremely grateful for your skill and the success of the surgery.And I am amazed that the scars are totally invisible.  I give thanks every day!



 Dr. Hagan and Team,
I just want to thank you all for the work you did on both of my legs this spring.  Although my right is stubborn and decided not to cooperate, I still had a great senior season at Webster.  Thanks to all you did I scored a goal in every conference game (the only player in the SLAC in 2016 to do that) I was team leader in points and goals, won SLAC Offensive Player of the Year, made First Team All-Conference, nominated for All-Region Team, and them voted Offensive Player of the Year for 2016.  None of these accomplishments would have happened without you guys.  I am so grateful for what you've done for me thus far. You guys are AMAZING!
Thank You,


December, 2009
"You have improved Jim's quality of life (and mine) a great deal and we thank you." 
- Jeanie  

November 10, 2009
"... you have given us our lives back. Best wishes for your continued success..."
- Maggie  

October 12, 2009
"You are still my hero. We just returned from a trip with a three hour plane ride in each direction and there were no problems.  When it rains there is slight discomfort, but manageable. Who knew? You are a class guy and on my Christmas card list."
- J Michael  

September, 2009 
"It's been over a month since my surgery and not one migraine! I've never been able to wake up without a headache or go to bed without one. It's amazing how much better I feel knowing I can plan things and won't have to cancel because of the pain. It's nice to know that there are doctors like you that truly care about their patient's health." 
- Amy  

August 12, 2009 
"I am writing this from a mother's point of view. For five years I watched my daughter suffer severe pain that she would cry herself to sleep at night... She went to many doctors-some of the top in the area. She had many tests and medications... Thank you so much for what you did for my daughter."
- Fran