Do You Have a Migraine?

If you think you’re suffering from migraines, it’s very frustrating. Many people just take Tylenol and deal with them. For some, it’s not something that

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Why Does My Wrist Hurt?

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, or Carpal Tunnel Surgery, is a procedure designed to release the pressure or impingement on the median nerve, relieving the symptoms

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Neuropax Clinic is the St. Louis Leader for Carpal Tunnel, Headache Surgery, Nerve Compression, thoracic outlet syndrome and Chronic Joint Pain.

Peripheral Nerve Decompression In St Louis

While many people know about the benefits of peripheral nerve decompression surgery for Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel, Tarsal Tunnel, Radial Tunnel, Foot Drop/Common Peroneal Nerve, Meralgia Paresthetica/Lateral Femoral Nerve, Winged Scapula/ Long

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