Neuropax Clinic is the St. Louis Leader for Carpal Tunnel, Headache Surgery, Nerve Compression, thoracic outlet syndrome and Chronic Joint Pain.

How Neuropax Clinic St. Louis can help alleviate chronic Joint Pain.

How Neuropax Clinic St. Louis can help alleviate chronic Joint Pain.


Pain has a purpose.


Pain is nothing more than a mechanism that alerts the individual to the presence of dangerous or damaging stimuli. In medical terms, this alert mechanism is known as Acute Pain, and thanks to its presence, harmful situations that endanger the body are instinctively rejected.


When the pain is ongoing and persists beyond the normal healing period of the underlying condition, it becomes Chronic Pain.


Chronic pain is utterly useless. Chronic pain annoys at best and severely debilitates at worst. Globally, 1 out of 5 people suffer from chronic pain. This means that over 1.5 billion people are affected by the ravages of this insidious condition. In some developed countries, between 40% and 80% of medical consultations are related to pain and over 30% of patients live in constant pain.


Here at Neuropax Clinic, the St. Louis Leader for Carpal Tunnel, Headache Surgery, Nerve Compression, and Chronic Joint Pain, most of our patients that suffer from chronic pain present migraines, pelvic pain, and joint pain. No part of the body is safe from Chronic Pain.


While acute pain can be treated with either over-the-counter or prescription analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications, chronic pain requires a more specialized treatment.


Chronic Joint Pain


All types of chronic pain are debilitating; however, chronic joint pain is so common that it deserves special mention. Especially given how far-reaching its effects are on society as a whole.


Reviewing the most widely accepted statistics for chronic joint pain, we observe that:


10% to 15% of the global population suffers from joint pain.


25% of men and 40% of women between the ages of 60 and 70 suffer from osteoarthritis-related chronic joint pain.


The most common causes of chronic joint pain are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and psoriatic arthritis; however, chronic pain can be caused by many other conditions, some of which cannot be identified easily.


To obtain the best results in chronic joint pain relief you will need the experience and advanced diagnostic techniques that only the best teams can provide.


Armed with the latest techniques as well as tried and true therapeutic care methods, the folk at Neuropax Clinic will be able to not only reduce the intensity of your chronic joint pain, but also promote your functional, social, and psychological recovery.


Neuropax Clinic aims to be an industry leader in creating a health care delivery platform that works more effectively for patients suffering from chronic pain, as well as those suffering from debilitating peripheral diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, chronic migraines/headaches, cubital tunnel, radial tunnel and other serious complications related to peripheral nerve damage.


Neuropax achieves this vision by offering proven, advanced diagnostic, and the latest minimally-invasive surgical procedures. Neuropax patients stop suffering and reclaim the quality of life they had lost.


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