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This week we stay with the headache surgery topic.

The topic of who should be evaluated is an important one to talk about. I saw several new patients this past week who had seen many care providers prior to us over the years and no one had recommended that they be seen by a nerve surgeon. They were frustrated to find out that this form of treatment has been available locally for a long time.
We have been doing headache surgery here in St. Louis for greater than 15 years. We have been committed to the education and outreach to those front-line headache providers, but it has been a long road. Many of our patients have been instrumental in going back to their headache physicians or practitioners and educating them on this type of treatment. This has been a very effective and successful form of education. The network continues to grow but we still have lots of work to do.
If you have failed to resolve your chronic daily headaches or migraine with traditional pharmacological treatments, especially if you have some component of a headache every day, then there is essentially no downside to being evaluated. We have a logical, systematic approach to determining if you are a candidate for headache treatment.
We often see patients eliminate their headache medications or that they end up actually responding to a single agent if the nerves are treated. We joke about having a ceremony to get rid of the duffle bag of medicines that they have trialed over the years.
I can’t emphasize enough that if you or someone you know is suffering with chronic daily headache or migraine … a consultation is worthwhile. Please feel free to share this or repost in other social media platforms.
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