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So this weeks cluster of interesting cases leads me to talk about headache surgery.

We have been evaluating and treating patients for head pain / headaches since 2007, greater than 15 years. We have been committed to understanding how nerves of the head and neck region cause headaches. We have advanced the way diagnostic blocks are used for diagnosing and treating these types of headaches. We have also refined and advanced the surgical techniques that are used to treat these conditions. There are very few center that have developed an experience like ours at Neuropax. We are patient-centric and approach each patient as an individual.
Nerve generated headaches/migraine can be Frontal, Temporal or Occipital. About 40% of patients have more than one area involved.
It is important to understand that these nerve type headaches are caused by irritation of certain peripheral nerve in the head or neck. This irritation can be a nerve compression (like carpal tunnel) or a neuralgia (chronic inflammation of a nerve) or a neuroma ( injury to a nerve). These irritated nerves can cause mild to severely debilitating headache pain. In some/many, these irritated nerves act as triggers for activating migraines. So those who actually have migraine chemistry, must view this as a noxious trigger, much like if they activate migraine with gluten or red wine. The difference is you can control gluten or red wine consumption. Once these nerve irritations escalate, it is like guzzling red wine all day if it is one of your triggers but you don’t have control of it. So, you see, we are not curing migraine, but we are treating/curing an uncontrolled trigger.
This is just one of the concepts regarding headache surgery that we will cover, but is an important introductory concept.
If you are suffering from chronic headache pain or migraine and have failed to resolve these with conservative or medical management, you should see a peripheral nerve surgeon who specializes also in headache surgery for an evaluation. There is a logical work up to determine if you are a candidate for injections or surgical treatment. Not everyone is a candidate, but if you are, then there is hope for relief of your pain.
Live well, and may you live without pain.


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