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What to know about Migraine Headache Surgery in St. Louis.?

What to know about Migraine Headache Surgery in St. Louis.?

Anyone out there who suffers from migraines understands how much of a painful ordeal it can be. Sure, someone might have people might simply say that “it’s just a headache” and that “it’s not as painful as its made it out to be”, but only the individual with the Migraine will understand the magnitude of the pain.

The worst part is that when a Paitent might be able to stifle down a headache, the same cannot be done for a migraine. A very common disease, it is found that 14.7% of people in the world are victims of migraines. It is so common that it is more prevalent than other life-threatening diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and epilepsy combined.

But is there a need for surgery? Yes. Many people tend to get cured by medicines and over-the-counter drugs, but some don’t feel any difference. Moreover, the severity of the pain can often be so intense and repetitive, treating it just with medicine might not do the trick. This is where chronic headache and migraine surgeries come into play.

Nerves Involved

During a migraine, there are various nerves involved, but the Greater Occipital Nerve is the most prominent one. All these nerves are located in the back of the scalp. When there is discomfort and irritation along the nerve, it is termed by medical professionals as neuralgia.  If one finds that pain persists even after a high amount of medication, then one might want to consider the option of Migraine Surgery.

Migraine Surgeries

When the peripheral sensory braces of the cervical and trigeminal spinal nerves become compressed, these nerves can create intense pain and irritation, which is known as a migraine headache. With migraine surgery any surgeon will begin the treatment with work on the decompression of the trigger points. The major trigger points, including occipital, frontal, nasoseptal, and temporal areas, will be decompressed.

Surgery Procedure

The surgery is pretty simple and won’t include any intricacies. It is an outpatient procedure and will take just one or two hour’s maximum. What’s more, since it is pretty simple, a surgeon will use local or general anesthesia. Getting the right surgeon on board is of utmost importance. Anyone suffering from these conditions should get in touch with Neuropax Clinic if opting for Migraine Headache Surgery. The recovery time is very little, and the St. Louis Nerve Surgeon and Specialist Dr. Rob Hagen will guide the process every step of the way.


It is a result-driven method and will help lessen migraines. The results may not be evident immediately, but will be noticed changes in a few weeks. With the help of such surgeries, patients have noted a drastic reduction in the frequency and intensity as well.

All in all, it is a pretty smooth method with a recovery period of under two weeks. Whether it is the thoracic outlet syndrome or a migraine, Neuropax Clinic will cater to it all. Consult with a physican, get an opinion and pick the right treatment method for Migraine Headaches..

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