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Peripheral Nerve Problems Leading To Kansas City Migraines

Kansas City Migraines

Migraines that are caused by peripheral nerves can be treated with peripheral nerve surgery. The surgery involves freeing the nerve from the surrounding tissue to relieve the irritation. This can alleviate, reduce, or even end the pain of migraines once and for all. Peripheral nerve problems leading to migraines in Kansas City are a problem that can be solved.

What causes this pain? Just like with any peripheral nerve issue, there can be multiple causes. Some people are born with a proclivity toward migraines through physiology or build, and they develop them naturally.

Another is lifestyle. It is no coincidence that migraines have increased as we have become more dependent on screens and phones, items that cause our bodies to contort to strange shapes to utilize properly.

Looking down at a screen all day can cause an impingement of the occipital nerve in the neck that can lead to migraines and pain. All it takes is a bit of pressure on the occipital nerve and you can be debilitated for hours.

Migraines are a real health problem. They can lead to job loss and loss of quality of life, as they can cause sufferers intense pain and remove their ability to concentrate or work.

It can make you irritable or short-tempered, with the need to get away and lie in a dark room more important than spending time with your family. Migraines have a cascading effect on the rest of your life, but they can be fixed.

Repairing a damaged or impinged peripheral nerve can be a lifechanging experience and lead to a better life, and can also be often held as an outpatient surgery with a short recovery time.

If you suffer from migraines, call the offices of Dr. Robert Hagan at Neuropax Clinic. You can reach them at 314-434-7784 or visit to make an appointment. Don’t live with migraines any linger than you have to.


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