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Your Phone Habits Can Lead to Surgery

Your Phone Habits Can Lead to  Surgery

While eyestrain and stress can give you headaches from looking at your phone too much, the real danger isn’t the screen. It’s your posture. Your phone can give you Headache just by how it makes you stand to look at it, and you may not notice until it’s too late.

Looking down is a natural neck motion. It’s one of the things your body was designed to do, certainly. However, you are not built to look straight down at your phone, laptop, tablet, or smart watch for hours on end, which is what we have started to develop. While Twitter and Facebook are interesting, you need to take a break from them to relax your neck and give your posture a chance to reset.

s are caused by impingement on the occipital nerve. This nerve, when it is pushed or pulled in a direction that it’s not used to, causes migraine headaches. Yes, you can get severe Headache by looking down at your phone for too long.

The cure? Well, take a break from your phone. Look where you’re going when you walk. Hold your phone up to your face when you’re watching a YouTube video (not too close, don’t ruin your eyesight too), but just don’t let your neck sit in an awkward position for too long. Children are getting their occipital nerves twisted at a young age and it can affect the rest of their lives.

If you damage the occipital nerve and are getting Headache, though, they can be fixed. Peripheral nerve surgery for Headache and headache surgery can fix these issues by relieving the pressure on the occipital nerve, which can reduce or end these headaches and stop them from ruining your life.

If you suffer from Headache, call the offices of Dr. Robert Hagan at Neuropax Clinic. You can reach them at 314-434-7784 or visit to make an appointment. Don’t live with Headache any linger than you have to.


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