Post Surgery Pain

Post Surgery Pain | Hernia, Knee Replacement

Some people continue to experience pain long after recovery from surgery. A few common examples where people experience chronic post-surgical pain include hernia,  knee replacement, shoulder, and abdominal surgeries.

Often we see patients that have spoken to their surgeon regarding their pain, but the x-rays, MRI or other diagnostic tests show no cause. Many have also seen a pain management specialist but continue to have persistent pain. The pain that patients experience could be due to nerve compression, irritation or damage.

Neuropax Clinic is the St. Louis Leader for Carpal Tunnel, Headache Surgery, Nerve Compression, thoracic outlet syndrome and Chronic Joint Pain.

Nerves are located all over the body and can be irritated or injured during any type of surgery. In general, this type of nerve injury is classified as a Neuroma. In most cases, a sensory nerve is involved. Neuropax Clinic physicians analyze the nerves and determine the specific sensory nerve(s) involved in the pain pathway and if they can be eliminated through denervation. If the nerve can be extracted to alleviate the symptoms, the nerve is cut and buried into muscle or bone. The burial of the nerve is equivalent to an electrician capping a live wire.

Nerves can be compressed in surgical areas as well. Even localized tissue swelling can cause contraction of the local tissues, in turn, compressing or entrapping nerves. In these cases, the nerve is not cut but simply decompressed much like treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Neuropax Surgeons can determine if nerve decompression surgery or segmental denervation surgery may benefit you.