Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic Knee Pain | Post Knee Replacement Surgery

If you suffer from chronic knee pain after a knee replacement surgery, you are not alone. Over 450,000 knee replacements are preformed yearly and approximately 25,000 of these patients continue to have pain.

There are several nerves that provide sensation in and around the knee joint. Scars from surgery(s) may cause entrapment or irritation of these nerves resulting in joint pain. Physicians at Neuropax Clinic can perform a diagnostic block to determine if the nerves are involved in your pain. This is a relatively simple test and can be done during an office visit.

Selective segmental denervation of some or all of these sensory nerves can help to alleviate pain. There is a trade-off of some numbness in front of the knee, but this is often already present with persistent pain. The resected nerves are sensory branches only. They have no motor function.

If the pain is relieved, many times rehabilitation will progress and range of motion will improve. At this time, re-strengthening the surrounding muscles is necessary. Remember, these muscles haven’t been used in this capacity during the chronic pain period.

If you suffer from pain after your surgery and both infection and mechanical problems have been eliminated as the cause of this pain, Joint Denervation and/or Nerve Decompression can be 80 – 90% successful in significantly reducing or alleviating your pain. You will lose no motor function with this surgery and will be able to utilize your knee soon after this outpatient procedure.