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Denervation Surgery

Denervation is one of the two major types of surgical procedures used by Neuropax Clinic. To surgically denervate an area is to block the nerve connections that are causing pain by removing or relocating the nerve.

Some chronic pain is caused by damage or irritation of sensory nerves called neuromas. In cases where denervation is an appropriate surgical intervention, the small area of skin that the nerve provides sensation to is less important than alleviating the pain caused by the damage.

Segmental denervation focuses on identifying the nerve pathways that the pain is routed through. Even small nerves can cause significant pain. The term “segmental” indicates transecting (cutting) the nerve to include other arborizing branches from the same nerve. The nerve is cut and buried into local muscle tissue or bone. If there is inadequate local tissue, the nerve ending is moved or transposed to an area with appropriate tissue. This is similar to an electrician putting a cap on a live wire.

It is important to understand that there may be a trade-off between pain relief and an area of numbness with denervation.